January 19, 2003

As you can see I did a fly lady blinkie. But, I want to touch it up. And do a home maker one.

Last night we went out to eat at Charlie Brown's it was good. I had ribs and the salad bar, Vince had the fillet mignon and salad bar. You could get salad bar, bottomless bowl of caesar salad, or a cup of soup. The soup didn't sound to good and the waiter suggested the salad bar over it. lol So if even the waiter thought the salad bar was better we went with it. lol. The salad bar was really nice. All kinds of salads, and breads, I had a raisin nut bread. We went with Vince's mom Kathy, and her best friend Gerry, and her daughters, Renee and Tamika.

Well, I did laundry yesterday. I have to do sheets/blankets today. I changed the bed last night. Man I still have I think about a weeks worth of laundry to do. ACK! But, it's finally getting done. I've got rid of about 4 boxes full of clothes so far. Need to get rid of more!

Today starts the bedroom decluttering so I'm doing that. I'm hoping it will be almost done by the end of the week. I think it will be. It looks 100 times better then last month. So that gives me hope.

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