April 2, 2012

Awesome Weekend. . .

We had a awesome weekend. Saturday started out kind of lazy. Then we decided to go to the commissary with my step father. We stocked up on food stuffs. Then came home unloaded, and went back out. I wanted to go to Kababs but they were closed so we went to a Mexican restaurant instead. We had never been there before it was pretty good. But, not too much healthy on the menu, so probably won't be going to often. But, the chili verde was delicious and I had sopapias for the first time in years. Then we went to Home Depot and bought some cleaning supplies I've been needing for a long time, and some plastic shoe boxes to protect my shoes. I love using them. Next it was off to Dollar Tree to get some more supplies, but they were out of the little solar lights I wanted....wouldn't you know! UHG! haha Then I got my hair cut! Really really cut. I really like the new cut, it was exactly what I wanted, and I haven't been able to get any one to understand what I wanted till Saturday! I keep getting ok cuts, but not what I want! Any way, the stylist's name was JR, and he got it exactly right! He said it was so fun. I went in and said, I want a pixie, kind of...but more fun, and with length here, and here, but pixie, here and here. I just want funky! Any way as he was almost done with my cut, he asked his co-worker, how many times do we get some one come in and say cut it all off and have fun with it!? She said never. And he said exactly! This is awesome! haha And he did it exactly how I wanted. He said well I can read your mind, I knew this is what you wanted. I really don't know how he finally got it, cause the last few times I went in with pictures and the ladies still didn't get it even close. This time I just walked in and said a few words and he got it! I can't believe it. But, I'm very happy with it. He also wants to color my hair, give it a few red foils. I really think I will do that. I haven't done that in ages. And I agree, red is always fun with my hair...so I just might do it. Especially cause my hair used to be red/brown, and it's now black (naturally-not dyed). I don't know why it got so dark as I am getting older, but I'm quite sure I want the red, to break up some of the black. Any way, it was fun. While I was getting my hair cut, Vince went and bought us some bowls which with the kids breaking most of ours we were down to only one! haha So we really really needed them.

Sunday was good as always. A wonderful meeting. Which ended even better. I was going around making my rounds saying hello to every one. When a older, "new" brother came up to me and asked my name. I told him, and asked his name. He told me. And I said, hmmm you know, I know some Martin's. Do you know a younger John Martin, married to a Lynn. And he said yes that's my son. What a hoot! I explained to him how I knew Lynn, and we had a good chat about her and John. I said, what was super funny about it all, is when I moved to NYC they moved back home, but I heard they had moved to Oklahoma, not Kansas. And he said yes, they lived there for a while, and then a while in California but were now back in Kansas again. And even live close to us, but they don't go to the English congregation, but rather then Vietnamese cong. Then he gave me their phone number. I can't wait to call Lynn! I haven't seen her in years. I had planned to get together with her when I moved to NYC, but literally the year I moved there, they moved back to Oklahoma! haha Any way, on my way out the door, I seen Dana and I told her, tell your Mother in law, I just met Lynn's father in law. She told me Jerri and Vic will be at our memorial this year. I just can't wait! Jerri, studied with me and Lynn at the same time. She took Lynn and I out in service for the first time on the same day. Hmm, wouldn't it be fancy if Lynn got to be at our memorial too, and we both got to see Jerri. She's been sick for years now and has rarely gotten out of the house. So I know it will give her a boost to see either of us still here, and still going to the meetings. Doesn't seem like 30 years has passed, it went by so fast!

After meeting we went to Kababs, and again had yummy yummy Pakistani food. Mmmm can't get enough curry! Or coconut milk! mmmm mmm mmm.

Then we did one of Vince's favorite things and went looking at travel trailers. Funny that the girls thought that was lots of fun, climbing in and out of them. Then we did a few more shopping stops. And went to Goodwill, got some much needed curtains. And our deal of the day, a new stroller for 25 dollars! It's a double jogging stroller that also goes on the back of bicycles. Ours got broke last year, so to have a back up till it gets repaired for only 25 dollars was a bargain! The girls had fun riding in it around the store too. haha

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