April 6, 2012

Memorial. . .

We had a wonderful Memorial, my parents and their children came with us. Jerry and Vic decided though to go to another congregation for memorial. I was so looking forward to seeing them though. Oh well, I may just have to go visit them. I don't know what our attendance was but it was high. There was no chairs left. Many of the young brothers decided to just stand in the back, and let the sisters and elderly have seats. One brother jokingly said, we are asking all husbands to set on their wives laps to save seats! hahaha

As my grandma Lela used to say, you learn something new every day. Well, tonight I seen a sister who looked so familiar but I couldn't place her. I thought she was a Maggard though...so I went up and told her she looked so familiar but I couldn't place her. She recognized me right away and said, I'm Kim, you know Jay's sister. I was like oooooooooh, you look just like your aunt Cindy now! I never would of recognized you. It has been about 20 or more years since I seen her. Then I asked her how her mom was, and Hannah's mom piped up that she was fine, and going to Winfield congregation. I was like ok, but I was asking Kim. Then it dawned on me......um...Kris? So I said ok, what's your first name again, she said Kristina. Yes! I know Kris! Jay's OTHER sister! I said, all this time, I didn't know you were KRIS! We grew up together and you didn't say anything...she let on like she thought I knew. Um no, you change last names, have a few kids, and give 20 years of looking different and NO I didn't know. We were even baptized together on the same day, same convention, etc. Now, I'm really going to have to give her a ear full for this on Sunday! lol UHG. And to think last Sunday I met Lynn's father in law, and now I find out Kris has been in my congregation all this time. And ironically enough Kris's brother had dated Lynn at one time! lol haha Yeah yeah....I swear I think I grew up with every one in this congregation of mine. So different then from NYC where I didn't know any one, but my own family! hahaha I think it is so neat though that Belle and Lela are growing up with the children of the people I grew up with, and had so much fun growing up with. Oh good times indeed!

After Memorial we went to Apple Bee's where apparently every one else decided to go too. Including Kris, and Hanna! hahaha There was so many of us there, the waiter asked me if it was a convention, I told him no, and then explained to him what it was. He seemed pretty interested, I think I should go back with a tract or something.

Lela decided to go home with my mom and is spending the night there tonight. I was nervous today wanting to get ready early, but knowing with Littles you can't do that (puking, pooing, etc happens if you get dressed too early). So I cleaned the house. It's almost done. I just need to finish Mt Washmore, should be done next week! ALL of it! Finish my room, and finish the top bunk of Lela's bed and it's done, done, done! Finally! Out of the pregnancy barely do any cleaning mountain of clutter I was in! I can finally have people over. I'm thinking uh, Kris! lol Only thing is I think her husband would have to come, to carry that heavy wheel chair and oxygen tank of Hannah's down the stairs into our apartment.

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