April 26, 2012

Sew Much Fun. . .

I finished another sundress today. But, it was with 20 cents a yard walmart knit. I won't be using it again. It is so fiddly it was a real pain to work with. for sure will be sticking to gauze with this pattern. It was a lot more fun to sew in gauze!

I just heard about these feet to make sewing easier too....I'm seriously considering buying them. They are called Creative Feet. Supposed to help you get less fatigue and such at the sewing machine. But, I never experience fatigue at the machine since RJ barely lets me have more then a few seconds there! haha Still they sound interesting and I may invest in them next year. I still want a Elna though too! haha

I am looking for some red fabric that I put in the wash a few days ago. I plan on making a skirt with it next. I would like to cut it out tonight hopefully. I also bought some more clearance cotton for another skirt from Hancock's. I may make it after the red skirt. Then I HAVE to get started on some blouses! I just need to trace the pattern out, like NOW! *sigh* I need blouses ASAP.

Last weekend we went to the Renascence fair. Had a ton of fun. And for sure need to make some costumes. hahaha I think I'm going to make Lela and Belle easy butterflies, and myself I'm going to use my nursing slip pattern, since one of Mc Call's costume patterns looks exactly like it, for the outer dress, and a online tutorial to make a underdress. Sadly we missed out on Turkey legs though, they sold out! I was so sad. But, we are going to Silver Dollar City next month and I will for sure get one there! Which more good news, I called them because we didn't get our season passes used last year, and they are going to give us ones for this year completely free! Boy were we needing that break! I can't wait to go!

We went out to eat the other night and RJ did the funniest thing ever. He must of been premeditating this for a long time. As soon as Belle's plate was in reach he was fast as lightening snatched two french fries and stuffed them in his mouth before you could say french fry! hahaha It was hilarious then he just looked around like, what are you all looking at, I didn't do anything. haha He knows we usually take stuff like that away from him, so he must of planned next time I'm going to be faster then them and stuff it all in my mouth before they can take it away! haha It was so funny!

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