March 28, 2012

Bursting out of the Closet. . .

I exhausted myself yesterday. I cleaned out the closet. Whew was that a dirty job. But, so glad it's finally done. Getting ready for meetings now will be a lot easier. When the income tax comes I'm pretty sure we are going to get the girls kids huggable hangers, my mom bought them some but they are adult size and hard to get little clothes on and off them. But, I think these will be great. And make the closet even more organized. I also want to get myself a bunch of shoe boxes. In the past I have used shoe racks that hang on the back of doors, but I think I like boxes better. And I want some new meeting shoes too. lol I think I have about a 4 year plan on getting the shoe wardrobe I want. haha Today I got more laundry done too. Almost, almost, almost have conquered mount washmore! woo whoo! Then we cleaned the kitchen, I did the upper parts, and Vince did the floors. Boy has the floor been needing a good steam mopping. So much better now.

I'm also hoping to get my hair cut before Memorial. Not too much longer. I'm really wanting to go extra short. Of course I've been wanting that for a while, now to just get a hair dresser that will listen and really do it!

Oh and I almost forgot. Sunday on the way into the house Lela picked me some dandelions. It was so cute! She can be a very sweet little girl really.

Today it was warm enough for the girls to play outside for a little while, they sure did enjoy that. It's been to wet and rainy for a little while. So it was nice for them to get outside again. They sure needed it, and so did mommy!

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Midcentury Delights said...

I switched to all Huggable Hangers last year. Love them!