April 14, 2012

Sunny Days Dress. . .

I was able to get a bunch of new shoes at a great sale, I even got a pair of coveted Gabor's! SAS, and Dansko too. My feet will be singing this summer.

I was able to finish a raspberry sun dress I've been planning since last July! haha I need to make a few adjustments but over all, I'm happy with it. And I'm going to make it in tangerine next. I've gained so much weight nothing fits so I have to get crackin'!

Also on the sewing table is a red skirt, a white shrug, yet another slip. And on and on. lol At least I'll have a shoe for every outfit.

My Flylady order came, and we love the dust mop. I think I will have to order two more. Cause Lela and Belle keep fighting over who gets to dust mop. I think it would be a good gift to my dad too....and hmmm probably should buy one as a gift to my mom too! I love it. I also really really like the rubba swisha. It has already removed a lot of the hard water stains. However, I was highly disappointed in the Hey Tom car duster, it's a really really cheap thing made in china. Could of probably done better at dollar tree. And the dusting mitt isn't anything more special then what they sell at dollar tree either. And so far the rags in my opinion are just so-so...I'm thinking the walmart ones in the car section may of been just as good. But, I will wait and give them a fair test first. The feather duster smells to high heaven of moth balls! Hopefully it won't for long, cause I can't stand the odor! Next time I will just get the sheeps wool one from Lehman's. Which that order also came. I just got furniture polish, laundry detergent and magnets for the hard water in the toilet from them. I'm really hoping the magnets work. The water is just so hard here, the toilet looks filthy even though it's cleaned all the time.

At La Leche League they decided since they no longer send out hard copies of the magazine with your membership we could receive a book instead. So I was able to get the brand new cookbook which will save me a few dollars! I was planning on buying it with my Amazon gift certificate from My Points. At least now I can buy another cookbook or more sewing books. I've decided I will get the Colette Sewing book, and Petite Plus, I'm on the fence about Serendipity though. Although I am liking what I have read of it online. I just don't know. I'm also not sure which patterns to buy. It's so hard. I know for sure I want some Hot Pattern Pants, and Petite Plus Shell, but I don't know weather to get Colette blouse pattern, or a Hot Pattern's blouse pattern. The one I want from Colette is very close to a free Hot Pattern's pattern I got from Fabric.com. Except you can use wovens and not just knits, however, it takes 3 times the fabric because of that. The one I want from Hot Patterns is different then any of my other blouses, yet looks simple and easy, and I for sure need some blouses. I like the Petite Plus shell cause it has so many options! Decisions, decisions. I have to narrow it down though. And sadly Anne doesn't carry any of the ones I want right now. Otherwise that would make it easier, getting one of them half price! *sigh*

I also need to make a decision on a new baby hawk, Vince said I could get a Oh Snap...but I am on the fence about what colors to choose! hahaha White, or Expresso. I love my white, and rasberry and orange Kangaroo Pouch. But, I think the Expresso looks really neat too! I need to just take the plunge and pick one and get it over with! haha I need it before vacation for sure! *Sigh*

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