September 2, 2011

Smooth Strawberries

Mom gave me a Montel Health Blender, and boy is it a strong machine. I'm back at being able to make my frozen strawberry smoothie milk shakes. The last machine I had wouldn't blend the frozen berries for anything. This machine will blend them into a oblivion with in seconds! Mmm we're all happy to have strawberry milk shakes back into the diet. Lela and Belle both love them. And so do I. Yummy, yummy.

We also have a new Dollar Tree that is huge. So we were able to get a lot of kitchen stuff there, the little girls often lose the small kitchen stuff, like ladles and such, as they like to take them out to play in the beach sand. lol So I don't like to spend much money on them just to be lost. We still don't know what happened to our last colander, I have a feeling it went into sand sifting........or a helmet to save the princess, but who knows!

Sam's had okra in the freezer section today, first time I've seen it in the "club stores". But, a real good reason to live in Kansas.......oh to have okra in my life again. haha I did finally find okra in NYC, but oddly enough it was always in the "hispanic" food section. Took me a while to figure that out. Still it was limited to only Goya brand, which wasn't a bad brand. But, while I was missing my okra, I found out that why we have so much okra here in Kansas is because Stillwell, Oklahoma is right on the boarder of Kansas, only about 15 minutes from where I live. And that's one of the larger producers of okra for the USA. Well, who knew. I always knew I bought Stillwell brand okra, and I always knew there was a Stillwell, Oklahoma, but I never put the two together that that was where the okra was coming from. Well, well, well.....any way nice to have okra back.

But, the real quandary Vince has is why Kansas doesn't have Purdue chicken, I'm not sure. I think it's because a lot of Purdue I believe comes from Kentucky and we are closer to Arkansas which, Tyson is based from maybe they just like to sell what's closest? I don't know. I do miss Purdue's perfection portions Garlic Wine chicken breast though. haha

I guess enough about kitchen utensils and food tonight.

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Midcentury Delights said...

I am very jealous of the blender! hahaha. I have a heavy duty Osterizer, but it sill isn't great with anything frozen.