September 28, 2011

Where, oh Where, is RJ?

I am really liking the new Anew genetics cream from Avon. It really does work. I also really like outlet eye shadow pencils I think I will buy a couple of more tomorrow, while they are on outlet clearance prices. I need to redo my nails tomorrow too, but want to check walmart first to see if they have the OPI color I've been wanting, while I'm there getting Lela a new sleeping cap any way. I'm really hoping it's the color I am wanting, since the color I really like has been discontinued.

Poor little Belle has the sniffles and is really whiny with it. Poor babe. Hopefully I won't get it and it will pass quickly.

I have a OB appointment today. Hoping we have made some progress since lil' Ray-Jay was due on Monday. Vince would like me to be induced tomorrow if all is well so that way he doesn't have to worry about getting days off work. Last Saturday I went to Weight Watchers and bought a bunch of snack bars, to keep me fueled in the hospital and for the first few weeks home. I know with nursing a new born I rarely even get to get out of my nursing chair, let alone go potty or eat! lol So I like having some snack bars that are healthy and tastes good next to my nursing chair. I forgot though to get one of their big cups. Their huge drinking cups are good since they have a lid, they don't spill, and they are huge enough I won't have to get up often to refill it. Hmm, oh yeah they are open tomorrow night, will have to swing by there and pick one up!

Nick and Megan come to town on Friday so would be good if little RJ would make a appearance for us!

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Midcentury Delights said...

Thinking of you and hoping the birth goes well. Please posts pics here of RJ.