September 11, 2011

BellE Ache. . .

Went on a grocery run, to Aldi's and then the new Walmart Market, it's only a grocery store and nothing else. I've never been to one. It was good for a quick stop but didn't have many of the things I wanted like red lentils, or yellow split peas. But, did get most the other things I needed so oh well. It's right next to Aldi's and has a Dillion's/Krogers across the street and is on a street that goes straight to our house. So it's real convenient for little common foods. But, isn't so good for specialty items. That's ok though, cause we most often just need the common foods and it will make those grocery trips quick and convenient. Hitting three stores in one shot and straight home.

Well turns out it was more then a belly ache for poor Belle. She threw up on the way home, from shopping and several more times at home, we have taken no less then 5 baths tonight trying to clean her up each time. And went through countless sheets and PJs. Poor baby. Hopefully it's a fast bug and will pass soon. She rarely gets ill, and is generally such a happy baby it's hard to see her so sick. Went back to the store and got her some pedialite and she's not liking it too much. She wants her milk, but she keeps vomiting it up. So it's extra sad.

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Midcentury Delights said...

Aww poor little thing! I hope she's better soon.