September 22, 2011

Baby Doctors . . .

Turns out that Lela's sore on her elbow is actually staph. So she's on a antibiotic and we are watching it. Saturday it was only the size of a pea. We drained it and cleaned it. Sunday it was looking fine no changes since the draining and cleaning. Then Monday all the sudden it was the size of a quarter. ICK. Full of puss. And icky looking. So I had Vince take her up to see Darla right away, and cleaned it well, bandaged it and put her on a antibiotic. This was a new kind I had never seen before, comes in a bottle that is powder, then you add water to it. Kind of neat. Any way, it's looking better today thankfully.

I went to the OB today.  Things are still looking good, and coming right along. He always measures me and said I was measuring correctly for my gestation. I asked him if he could tell me approximately the size of RJ, and he said any where between 6 and 12 pounds, then he laughed of course and said he's rarely wrong! hahaha Ok, ok! Good news is I am still effaced of course, and 1 1/2 centimeters dilated, he said he thinks he'll be seeing me soon. And he's the one on call this weekend, although he said it wouldn't matter if he was on call or not, he would be at the hospital when I called about going into labor. Just a waiting game now. However, I think it will probably be another week.

Before the doctor appointment, my mom took me and the kids to Mc Donald's, we split the new Autumn Sweet shake and it was really really good! Liked that one a lot!

After the appointment we went over to the Avon store, and I was able to get a lot of chap sticks for the sale they are having this month. And actually found out I like two of their perfumes, I usually hate Avon perfumes so shocked me when I found two I liked. And that didn't give me respiratory problems. Also bought the girls some more roll on soap, as they love the stuff! And for the first time in ages I bought mascara that wasn't cover girl. I got the Avon curling mascara, and I love it. It actually does curl my eye lashes, whew one less step to do-I usually use the eye lash curler but it's just another step and usually doesn't last long. Hmm, liking it. I also tried their chap stick tints, as they were on sale so cheap, and I really like the wine one. I think I'll be using that one quite a bit as I can't buy lip stick any where else for 60 cents! I usually spend some where between 7 and 10 dollars for lip stick. So again . . . good thing. I also got samples of their new Anew face cream . . . will see if it does what they say it will and if I like it. I am not sure though I'm pretty loyal to my Ponds.

After that we went to Target, cause I was out of my favorite salsa, so restocked on salsa, which thankfully now they carry one third larger size for only a few cents more. Yippee. haha I also noticed a new flavor summer fruits, I believe it was strawberry, kiwi, and pineapple, look forward to trying it. I love sweet and spicy salsas. I also checked on getting the same color OPI nail polish I had my nails done in last week. But, they didn't have that color, I bought one that was one shade lighter though. It's good but I still am liking the other shade better. So came home to do a google and found out that it was discontinued. UHG! And now it's online for like 20 dollars on ebay. What eva! I will just have to keep looking for it with a different name maybe. *sigh* I really loved that color too! Any way, came home and redid my nails, at which time Belle and Lela insisted I do theirs too. However, when I finished Belle's fingers she also insisted I do her toes too! haha

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