September 18, 2011

A day at the park. . .

Saturday we went to Family day at O.J. Watson Park, my all time favorite park! We didn't do much cause I got tired fast standing in the long lines. But, we did enough for the girls to get some prizes which of course they always think is so much fun, even if it is cheap little trinket things. However, I thought that just the family games, and activities were going to be over at 4 but they were actually closing the park at 4, for clean up etc. So we thought we would go to another park to make the burgers and other food I packed, but Herman Hill, the closest park to Watson didn't have any grills. So we ended up just going to NuWay which made both the girls pretty happy. However, while we were there, Lela showed us a spot on her elbow that hurt. When we looked at it, it burst open with out us even touching it, and had puss oozing. UCK! We disinfected it and hope it goes away. It's odd though, not like anything I have seen before.

So off to the park again today we went. Met, my mom, Eldon, Casey and Hunter there. Had lots and lots of food, I made burgers, deviled eggs, brought mac salad, potato salad, collard greens, and baked beans, and of course stuff to make s'mores. My mom brought salad fixin's, and a lemon pie. It was sooooooo cool outside though the grill was barely able to stay lit or hot. So unlike our Septembers. Especially after having 3 months of record breaking triple digits, for with in a week it going down into the 50's was crazy. But, it is what it is here in the land of never staying the same temperatures. We spent the WHOLE day at the park. This was my first time to actually spot us tables under the pavilion, I was afraid it may begin to rain, but it didn't. The pavilion was nice, had electric, lights, and three huge grills. It would be nice to rent it sometime for a large picnic, with the congregation. The girls had so much fun. Belle literally played till she dropped. It was so funny at the end of the day she came to me to drink some milk, and dropped her cup, she made creaky noises all the way down to pick it up and all the way up to stand back up. It was hilarious! haha Then she sleepily stumbled herself back to the playground. haha Didn't take her or Lela long to pass out in the car on the way home. I was glad this time was much better then last time we went. Last time some crazy guy drove his truck really fast around the play area, and inside the play area! I was scared he was on drugs or drunk, and was going to run over the girls and other children! Nothing like that happened this time. All the families that came, and there was lots, were nice, and were really well behaved. There was at least 4 parties while we were there, also in the pavilion, but the pavilion was so big we all had plenty of space, and tables for us all to be under there. Just surprised how many parties all in one day just in that one pavilion, as the park has many other areas and pavilions. So who knows how many in the park there was total. I figure though I don't know how many more nice weekends we will have, especially before little Rae-Jay comes, so I wanted to have at least one more day at the park for the girls before then. Not sure if we will be able to get out to the park again during the fall before the weather turns cold after he comes. May not be able to go again till spring.

We gathered some pine cones at the park. So I went to Dollar Tree and Walmart afterwards to gather some craft supplies, and so we will be making some crafts with them later. Also bought some veggies for the roast tomorrow. Going to try a new recipe using dry Italian dressing powder instead of dry onion soup mix to season with. Sounds good to me!

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