January 3, 2011

I'm still working on getting settled in. My mom gave me my old dresser I had as a child for Lela. It had been in a dirty garage for a couple of decades, so it needed a pretty thorough cleaning. I was able to get it half done today with the help of my sister Bennette. We will work on the drawers tomorrow. I want to make a embroidered dresser cloth for it too. The glass that was on top when I was growing up is long gone, so I hope I can find a good glass shop here to make a top for it. It's curvy and lots of detail so the glass will have to be cut by a professional. Too bad Hub's Hardware that made the original glass for it for me is out of business.......uhg Home Depot!

I am taking a sewing class for knits next week. I'm pretty excited. So far, I have made a nursing slip, and almost finished a nursing turtleneck sweater all on my own. I've been going into a locally owned store called Needle Nook that I had completely forgot about. And loving it. That's where I will be taking my class next week. The women there are very nice, and so helpful. They have sew ins on Saturdays where you can go to their shop and use their machines and work on your projects, and they will help you if you need the help then as well. For free! The class though cost a little fee. Which I think will be well worth it, since I'm learning through this turtleneck sweater ordeal I would like some professional assistance to learn what I am doing! However, all in all I think I'm doing pretty good on my own to be such a novice seamstress.

Which brings me to another pet peeve. I've noticed on websites as well as in books and written articles more and more people refer to seamstresses as "sewers". Um.......sewers, is a place where waste goes.....yes, I know slightly different pronunciation I am sure, in the authors thoughts, but I still think I prefer the word seamstress to sewer!

Through reading up on every thing on the Elizabeth Lee Design website, she suggest getting a sewing book. Such as Reader's Digest and Kwik Sew put out. I will probably eventually invest in both. But, in the meantime, while I was at Hobby Lobby the other day I came across a wonderful looking book that just came out in June. And it comes with paper patterns. And it looks very updated and classically stylish. For sure the look I like going for. So I plan on investing in it first. It explains how to adjust patterns, and all kinds of sewing skills that are needed when making ones own clothing. Her flair is very boutiqueish which I am really liking. Reminds me a lot of what is sold on etsy.

Speaking of Hobby Lobby, I went there to buy door knobs for a old book case Vince's parents gave us a long time ago. It's really ugly, dark, almost black stained. But, it's solid wood and a good solid piece of furniture. I bought some 5 dollar paint at Lowe's when we first moved here off the clearance rack, and have started using the yellow. I want to try to get a lavender for contrast painting on it. I also want to make some fabric covered boards for the back walls of it. And maybe modge podge some fabric scraps cut into applicate shapes. Which will come from another sewing book, I want to invest in! haha I was able to get some really cute scroll shaped "chalk board" stick ones from the dollar tree as well, two long scroll shapes, and 8 flower shapes for only 1 dollar! So I bought two. Which gives me 4 scroll shapes, and 16 flowers, for only 2 dollars. I am going to decorate the doors, and such with them. I ended up with the cutest knobs for the book case as well. They look like pink cotton candy gum balls. Almost like hand blown glass. And I also got some soft green colored small flower shaped knobs. It's going to look so cute and very whimsical. Thankfully the knobs were half price. While looking for knobs, I noticed all "hooks" were half price too. The hooks we have to hang our coats around here are too high for Lela to hang her own coat. So I ended up buying some very cute, mismatch hooks to also attach to the sides of the book case so Lela can hang her own coat. One is a crystal door knob attached to a pink embossed rectangle. And two are antiqued gold scrolls. I am keeping my eye out for a fourth, I want something unique, girly and whimsical. Even though I've just began to paint it, Lela's already excited about it, and loving it.

Vince's mom bought Belle some blocks, and I was able to get the cutest blue bucket with a rope handle at dollar tree as well. Amazing what I can get for a buck there!

Kathy also bought the girls two dolls. She bought Lela Baby Alive, with the bananas and sippy cup. She's been wanting it for a while. She bought Belle a soft baby that has a rattle inside it's arm. Well, you should of seen her face when she didn't get the doll that eats, and drinks. She kept looking at us, her doll, and then Lela's doll, like do you not know me at all? You know I like to eat! What's wrong with this doll you gave me, it doesn't have food! I want the one with food! Well, in a few days Lela let her guard down and Belle was able to play with it, whew did that make her happy! She is always trying to eat the bananas herself and drink from the sippy cup herself too. haha Once in a while she offers a little to the doll. haha

So last night we bought her her first sippy cup. And gave her some water in it tonight. Boy was she happy. Smiling, and laughing and having a good ole time. She sure is happy to have her own sippy cup. Even if she was a little surprised when real liquid came out of it!

A few days ago Amber, Bennette, Dad, Darla, and of course Belle and I went and seen the new western movie, True Grit. It was sure good. I think I will have to go see it with Lela, Vince, my mom, Eldon and their kids. It was that good. Tonight dad rented the original true grit with John Wayne. While I liked the girl, and the writing better in the new version. The acting was hard to beat, especially by John and Glen Campbell in the original! John Wayne was a truly good actor. Hard to believe when he made True Grit he only had half a lung! We want to get Rooster Cogin's next. haha I've been searching Amazon for it! I never really got into John Wayne movies that much when I was growing up. But, I think I may be sold now. I am pretty sure I may have to see a few more. Awe finally some real entertainment, that doesn't bother my conscience!

While at Sam's yesterday I noticed a few other good clean films on DVD, the whole series of Little House on the Prairie, the whole series of Leave it to Beaver, and the whole Anne of Green Gables series. I'm going to keep my eye on them, and when they go down to a reasonable price, I'm getting grabbing them. Hours of clean family entertainment, that I can watch over and over and not get bored of. I also seen that they are making a limited edition of ALL of Shirley Temples movies in one package, now that's another one I would love to get in on. It's about time to start introducing Lela to Shirley, my all time favorite actress as a child! haha I think I was a bit obsessed with her. But, again real talented acting, and just clean good entertainment. Not a bunch of trash piled together, that is not even entertaining let alone good images to have in our heads as most movies are today! Last week we watched The Sound of Music and all enjoyed it. Awesome talent, great story, and true! Too bad there's not much like that out today.

Oh well, on that note, I'll bid all a good night, and get myself some rest!

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