January 17, 2011

I got my hair cut yesterday, I've been waiting for! I like it quite a bit, I may change it slightly. But, over all I'm in love with it! You should of seen Belle's face when she first seen me, she just kept staring and staring trying to figure it all out. haha It was hilarious! I really liked the girl who did it too. She was sweet.

So here's the unveiling of my new do, and the tee-shirt I made in class last week. I really like both.

Mom's poor diesel truck died the other day, so we after days of trying to figure it out, finally had it towed to a truck shop, and they fixed it in half a day. Sadly it was a expensive fix, something about the case the fuel filter was in, had broke. Well, at least it's fined and on the road again.

We went to Taco Shop Monday and had tacos after wards. Then Vince took me and the girls to Dollar Tree. Dollar Tree has great wall stickers that look like paintings. That I just love, and all for just 1.00! Every where else they are 20 or more dollars. They are awesome. I got enough for the whole house for less then 20 dollars! So cool. I will be putting them up tonight!


Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney said...

Heather, I love the new do... I almost did not recognize you. I am glad I found your blog!

Jacquelyn Hughes Mooney, artist said...

Heather I love you new 'do!

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Jacquelyn! I love your AV!

Nana's Knoll said...

Hope you will put pictures of the stickers you were talking about.
We have a dollar tree and I love it!
About the only place I can afford to spend money as Wal-Mart is not longer cheaper than even General Dollar or Family Dollar

MagnoliaWhisper said...

So true. I am not political at all, but I just find Walmart to be less and less useful as time goes on. They have stopped carrying most items I used (such as embroidery thread, and such!) and what I do use they have hiked the price up on so much you might as well go to a department store, along with lowering the quality! With all that said, I did buy quite a bit of fabric a few months ago from them, that they had marked down to 20 cents a yard (yes you read right, 20 cents a yard!).

I find Dollar Tree, Aldi's and Kroger though (along with family dollar, and dollar general) to be better in price, quality and over all have more of the things I like and use. Them and of course, I love local stores, and try as much as possible to shop them, as they usually are so much nicer, more helpful and actually carry things I want to buy, and if they don't have them, they actually LISTEN to me, the customer, and try to get it for me!

I will post pictures soon of what I did with the stickers although the decorating isn't near finished with them. They are accents to other things-like picture frames, that I haven't purchased yet, so of course haven't added yet. But, it's all in my mind's eye! lol haha