January 18, 2011

I was hanging up those decorative stickers, I bought from Dollar Tree, last night. When Belle started wanting my attention. She stopped wanting my attention and instead of investigating that, I continued to hang the decorative stickers. After a few minutes I looked over and she was standing there eating a fried chicken thigh!!!!!!!!!!! I said Belle, where did you get that? And Lela replies, I gave it to her mommy, so she would stop crying. Yeah.......I guess that did work! haha But, then we had to have a talk about why we can't just give Belle any kind of food. Belle was more then disappointed when I took the chicken thigh away!

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Mia said...

Dear Ms. Heather,
I found your blog, and wanted to thank you for your sweet comment!
I'm glad you enjoyed the Q&A, and I appreciate the ACV rinse recommendation!
It's so nice to hear we have so much in common :)
Hope you have a lovely weekend,