December 8, 2010

My little brother Nick finally married my new sister in law Megan last Saturday. It was a really nice wedding. Lela, Loudine, and Bennette were the flower girls, and they loved it. Amber was the maid of honor, and did wonderful. Josh, Ben and Caleb were all groom's men, Krystal & Sarah were bridesmaid's they all did their jobs loverly. I escorted Grandpa Chuck down the isle since grandma Martha is no longer with us. Dad officiated their marriage, and then the reception was in dad's barn, which was built just in the nick of time. Lela had a ball dancing the night away with lil cousin Ella. I'm so glad he was able to have a nice wedding, and finally marry, he deserves a lifetime of happiness and blessings. Congrats little brother!

I have sure been loving being back in Kansas. We've been able to save a lot of money at the commissary. And have just been enjoying rural life. Lela loves looking for horses and cows as we drive home. One night we ate at a Amish restaurant and horse and buggies were actually parked in the parking lot. Awe life with the simple things has been wonderful!

With the help of Julie and Raquel I was even able to sew my own dress for the wedding, which was a black and white print, and made from the pattern called Catherine's Choice, it's a maternity/nursing dress. Every one thought it was really pretty. Tonight I've almost finished a nursing slip, which I have made completely on my own. I'll probably get to finish it off tomorrow, as all it has left is the hem. I don't think I want to work with tricot again. But, I don't know it's getting a bit easier. At first it was a real bear! Before next winter, or maybe before this winter is over, I think I will make myself a flannel slip for really cold days in service. The idea just came to me the other night, that a flannel slip may be a awesome extra warm layer when it's frigid outside, and we are out doing door to door. And well even the Kingdom Hall can be a little nippy sometimes! So that will be a task, I'll get to later. First I want to start on a nursing turtleneck sweater. I'm hoping I can get it done in time for the next La Leche League meeting. But, I'm seriously doubting that will happen. But, who knows I have a few days! Just depends on how much time Belle allows me to work on it here and there over the next few days. I actually want to make two nursing turtlenecks, and 3 nursing nightgowns. THEN, if I have time I'll proceed with making my flannel slip.

Julie also reminded me of a store I used to shop at called Needle Nook, it's a small privately owned fabric store. I love it. I was able to even buy hard to find Jalie patterns there. I missed the small privately owned stores while living in NYC. The big box stores often lack heart, and for sure lack in knowledge! The women are so kind in there. They always take Belle, and play with her in the kids section that is set up with toys. So nice compared to the big box stores, where I have to try to entertain the kids, while making choices on fabrics, patterns, etc. Another nice bonus to Needle Nook is it is right next door to a model train store, that gives out free popcorn. Vince and Lela love going over there, eating popcorn and watching the model train layouts. And of course ogling the trains they wish to buy and bring home some day.

I've been able to help dad out here and there making dinner for the kids when he can't be home in time. They really love meatloaf and Salisbury steak! Glad those are hits, as Vince and Lela really loves them too.

My next anniversary will be the big 10. I'm hoping to make it a big bang! I'm thinking of surprising Vince with taking him to a train museum I found in Old Town Wichita, then eating dinner at Savute's Italian restaurant, which we haven't been there since our second anniversary. It's authentic Italian food that is soooooo yummy. They have the best Italian food ever. And I adore their in house, home made rum sauce they put on their spumoni. When I was little I was fascinated by the burning sugar cube they put on top. However, because of me, children under 12 no longer get the sugar cube lit on fire! As when I was 4, my sugar cube, while still lit, rolled off my spumoni and under some ladies chair. Being 4 I watched it, thinking it was a pretty light. Meanwhile, I imagine Mrs. Ladies bottom must of been getting pretty toasty! Thankfully mom eyed what I was watching and was able to put the fire out quick as she could with a glass of water. And from then on, no one under 12 was allowed the fire any more. Awe.......I missed the fire on my spumoni for the next 8 years! That was of course my favorite part back then! Then I'm hoping to be able to stay at this local bed & breakfast I found, that looks really nice. If it's not too expensive, I'm hoping to be able to have a late check out with them, or spend more then one day there. Then I would like to go to the history and-or science museum down town as I like both of them as well.

So all in all, life has been wonderful, and I've really enjoyed getting back to the things I love once again. And finding hobbies that are fun, wholesome, and not as draining as some other distracting time wasters.

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