June 28, 2010

Fire in 13D

It's been hot and muggy here!

Yesterday we came home from meeting and there was a fire in apartment 13D, in our section-C. We stood outside for a hour waiting to be let back in, and then decided to just go get in the car, and sat there for another 2 hours. Finally we were allowed back in. We were terribly worried about Willow the cat. I always wondered how well the firewalls, and fireproof doors worked, but they worked great! Not even a hint of smoke in here. Although the hallways were covered in suit, and water at least 2 inches deep! Thankfully our elevator continued to run, the even elevator is out of service. ACK!

On a good note, I was finally able to use a coupon and go to Bed, Bath and Beyond and get a new blender. We haven't had one in about 3 years. So I've been making lots of smoothies to cool off and get refreshed the last few days. And to top it off Stop and Shop has had blueberries cheaper then I have ever seen them before! 3 pints for 4 dollars. So I've been adding lots of them to my smoothies. YUM, YUM!

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