June 20, 2010

Thursday my google account was shut down! And I couldn't get into my email or my blog. I was beginning to think I never would see either again! It finally got resolved a few minutes ago. It was driving me nuts! I went through most the old post and saved them though. Now I need to go back through and fix things. I wish I had of as I went along, but I really didn't think I would be able to use this blog again. I need to relink old pictures that were on my homestead and my homestead account will be shutting down soon.

Vince finally put together the changing table for Belle last night. I love it! It's going to help me so much! I bought it before she was born, but haven't gotten Vince nailed down to build it yet. So happy it's finally done. Next we are going to rearrange the bedroom so we can try to eek out some more space in here. We have my rocking chair, 3 dressers, Belle's swing, Lela's bunk beds, our queen size bed, two stacking drawers for our night stands, a rolling hospital table, a air conditioner and much more in here! We need to make it work till we move.

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Mary said...

Hi Heather. I'm responding to the note you left in my blog a couple of months ago. You can email me through my site now. Hopefully I can answer your questions if you want to give the email another try.