June 18, 2010

Took Lela Roy Wilkin's park today, after Vince got home from work. They are having the Univers-Soul Circus there this week. We are hoping we can go later this coming week. I went ahead and went in and checked on the prices of the concessions. They weren't too bad. However, the scents were calling to Vince and I. We never eat hotdogs, but were sure craving one with all the circus scents wafting around our heads for a couple of hours! We ended up getting icee's instead from the icee pushers. Lela finished a large rainbow, and wanted a second! haha We had to tell her they went home-which they had, they had given us the last of their icee's and was packing up their van when we caught them as it was. It was a nice walk in he park though. Belle loved it even!

Belle has also had her first food, she got some avocado. Not sure if she liked it or not, a lot of working with her tongue and pushing it back out. But, she'll get used to it, I guess.

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