June 15, 2010

Ikea is so cheap on Tuesday nights 15 meatballs, 2 roasted potatoes for 2.49, that we can barely make a meal at home for that. So we go there as much on Tuesdays as we can. We took Lela, she ate all her potatoes and almost all her meatballs all by herself!

I seen that they have the dresser I want to get Belle, 50% off because I guess they are discontinuing it! UHG, I love that dresser! We're going back next Tuesday and buying it. At least it being 50% will make it a lot cheaper, but I hate they won't be selling it any more.

Then we took her over to the toddler playground in the food court of the mall. She played for about two hours and had a ball. She really liked a little Asian girl named Olivia. I was able to get caught up on some embroidery work. And that made me happy!

Then we went over to Target and got butt paste for Belle. On the way back to the car, I stopped and looked at Kay's Jewelery as I really need a new wedding ring, since mine has been broken for years now. A jewelry designer was there, selling his own designs and they were beautiful! Had a antique look to them, with filigree and other touches that really draw me. None were wedding rings, but I sure wouldn't mind using one of his designs as a wedding ring. They were all one of a kind and beautiful! And I've never been traditional any way!

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