November 16, 2008

A lot has happened in the past week, and it's been terribly wet and windy. Thankfully today it's just windy and not so wet.

Lela started singing full songs last month and it's so cute! She sings Sesame Street's Sing, Sing a Song, Sesame Street's Sunny Days, Backyardigan's Theme Song, Patty Cake, Old Mc Donald Has a Farm, and a few songs I made up that I sing to her. It's just so cute!

Last Saturday, not yesterday, I was painting my nails, and she got really close, face right up on my nails. I started with my toes, and she watched every toe, then I did my fingers. When I had about 4 fingers done she stuck out her hand to get it done too! I went ahead and did hers after I finished my fingers. I only did her fingers at first, then she looked and seen her thumb wasn't done, so she stuck that out at me, as if you forgot this one! So I did that too. She was really good with it. And she blew on them and every thing I showed her. It was cute.

I forgot to take photos though. So I thought I would the next morning, but she sweats so much the polish was pretty much gone the next morning. Next time though!

Then on Monday I returned some DVDs I rented from the library and thought all was well. On Thursday when I checked my library account online it showed two had not been returned. So I had to straighten that out. That took forever. And then they said all had fines, cause I renewed them online instead of in real life. Well, they had told me previously I could do it online. So they thankfully straightened that all out.

However, Thursday I also had tivo'd Wednesday's Oprah and seen every one going to Snapfish could have a photo book for free. Well, the site was flooded and it took me till Friday, but I got it done finally. I used over 50 photos in the book, so it seemed like it took me forever. I can't wait to see what it looks like in real life. If I like it, I noticed Wal-mart offers the exact same thing for cheaper. So I may buy more from them.

I was able to get another sweater for winter at Costco, and that will probably set me for this winter in the sweater department, however, I would like to get a couple of wool skirts if I can find any good ones.

I also was able to get a really nice wool coat at Walmart that looks really good on me, and I really like, and it has a hood which you desperately need here in NYC.

We took Lela to Chuck E Cheese yesterday, it was crowded but not as bad as a usual Saturday. I seen there is a dress up wardrobe that comes with a lot of dress up stuff for 5000 tickets. So far Lela has 1000. She likes to play the duck game and a bee catching game and we are able to get a lot of tickets at both! Next time I want to play the Deal or No Deal game. I've never even watched the show, and probably never will, but the game they have there looks fun. After we get Lela the dress up thing, they also have a toss across bean bag game I know she would love at home, and it's only 3000 tickets. I know the way Vince and I rack up the tickets helping her play, it won't take us long!

Then I went to Whole foods and got a few more reusable bags. They have vintage ads on them and are so cute. I had been seeing other people with them, but always seen on the racks ugly bags, well I finally figured out where the vintage ones are! On another isle! I have some with bananas on them and some with clams. They had some with grapes for a while that were so cute, but I never did find those! I only seen other people with them all the time. Oh well. I just love using them though. And it's like free, since every time I use them at all the grocery stores I go to, I get a discount, and now I don't have to have those stinking plastic bags piling up every where either! And they work better then the plastic ones too!

Then, I finally was able to get something I've been looking for, for 5 years! A 8 slice pie cutter! I can never seem to slice the pie exactly even. And I've been looking at every cooking and baking shop I've went to for 5 years! And all they ever have are 7 slice cutters. But, being diabetic most the recipes I have for diabetic pies are to cut into 8 slices, and I don't really need more then 1/8 of a pie any way, with diabetes especially. So a couple of weeks ago I seen in the Bed, Bath and Beyond ad circular, a ad for one, and it had a 5 dollar off coupon on the back. So YES, finally. Now I can't wait to make a pie, just so I can try it out!

Then I finished my shopping with going to Barne's and Noble. I had a internet coupon, and a membership discount, so I was able to get one of my favorite secular magazines for 20 percent off, which that ended up taking almost a dollar and a half off! That's quite a bit!

So it was a happy a day.

And the shopping for this month, and pretty much winter in general is over!

However, I have joined another pillowcase swap. And can't wait to get started. I'm hoping I can find the new primitive Aunt Martha patterns soon so I can use them, in this swap! Thankfully the end of the swap isn't due till mid February. So I have plenty of time to work on them. I am still working on my grandmothers kitchen towels though. I got lazy doing them cause the hair on the pattern was difficult, but I finally got past the hair, so I need to just speed stitch my way through and finish!

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