October 11, 2008

I have wonderful news, I joined classmates a few months ago, but then let my membership run out. I was just hoping I could connect with a few of my really good friends from school. I ended up connecting with two of my BEST friends from school.

One I seen had visited my profile but did not leave a message. I thought her name was so unusual it had to be her, so I wrote her. And then eagerly awaited her response. She just emailed me back last night. She doesn't have the pay for classmates (and neither do I any more) so I guess that is why she couldn't email me sooner. But, I am oh so happy we finally were able to connect again. We haven't seen each other since second grade. But, I have thought about her often. Truth be told, I really never thought I would ever find her again. However, I would always ask any one I ever met, that was from around where she moved to, if they knew her. No one ever did. But, I am so glad we finally did find each other. She said it was a Miracle, and I must agree. I can't wait to hear more from her soon.

Other then that, not a lot going on around here. I am half way done with my sisters pillow cases, and am on the second case. Then, I have my step grandmothers towels, two friends some cases, and then Lela a set and myself! I have never actually made myself a set yet. In fact, all I have ever made myself so far is two towels. I never cross stitched, or embroidered anything for myself. Just this year was the first time I ever made anything for me. I've always made things for friends and family. Well, I can't wait to have a set of pillow cases, I did myself! That will be soon, hopefully.

Lela slept all night the night before last, and we were so happy. Last night though, not so well, haha. She was up a few times last night. But, thankfully not for hours like she sometimes is. Only a few minutes. So maybe we are getting closer and closer to all night being asleep! We can only hope.

She sure has liked going to Chuck E. Cheese. We started going once a week. A good friend told me that they have cups you can buy and get free drinks every time you go. Well, they sure don't advertise that much! So the next time I went, I asked about them. Sure enough they have them. But, they sure keep it under wraps. I didn't see any one else there with one, and there is no signs or anything talking about them. Oh well, all the better for us. So we bought a couple, and will probably get one more later. That will help while we are there. We usually only drink water any way. But, it will be good to get a "free" treat once in a while. Especially since they have the VERY rarely ever seen, and really I've only seen in the south, and midwest, Mellow Yellow, which is Vince's favorite drink. You can't even buy it at the store here, let alone see it at a Restaurant so he was pretty excited and happy about that. We usually load up the truck when we visit my parents. He doesn't drink much, but he usually gets about 4-12 packs each year to bring home. So now he won't have to do that. haha And it will be free!

On a bittersweet note, today I gave Lela the last of my frozen breast milk. It is so bittersweet. But, we are going onward and upward, to bigger and better things every day.

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