October 6, 2008

I got started on my sisters pillow cases. This time I am doing them in light baby blue. They have the cutest little kitten in a high heel with a ribbon around him. And a few flowers strewn about. I think they're going to be super cute when they are all done.

I'm hoping I can get Amber's cases done in two weeks or less. That will give me a running start on getting every thing else done this year. And that way I can start fresh on projects in January. And have time to get in on some more swaps!

I've also just started scrapblogging on Photobucket.com and it's super fun. I added two scrapblogs already. Just click on Married, and Daughter on the right hand side of my blog and you can see them. I'm also going to add one of Vincent, my family tree, past vacations and more! It's a ton of fun.

I had been wondering where I was going to put up all the photos from my homestead.com since I am giving it up, and it will be gone next year. And now I know exactly how I will do it, through scrapblogging! FUN stuff!

Other then that, that's about all that has gone on this week. I've been working on a few more menu plans, and will go do laundry tomorrow, and hopefully on Wednesday take Lela to Chuck E. Cheese, and that's about all.

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Bella Marie said...

Heather, The pillow cases sound just darling and cute. I am sure that your sister will love them.
I will have to check out the scrapblogging, sounds like fun.
Oh Rhayn and I just love Chuckie cheese. If you go to their web sight you can download a coupon.
thats the only way I get coupons. we have been going since he was two.
of couse you probably don't have to worry about spending money there right now if you use the kiddie play equipment. Rhayn always had to do everything.
I purchased one of their special childrens CC cup and you can refill it free every time you go. and I get myself a cup for water. we are such bargain hunters LOL
love bella