October 17, 2008

Talk about a busy couple of days. Yesterday I woke up at four am. I was in severe pain. I knew I had mastitis. So decided I better head to the ER. Once there they said yes I indeed had it and they put me on antibiotics, and thought about hospitalizing me but let me go home. They were really sweet! I was worried what they would say cause they asked how old Lela was. I said two. Then I said, yes I know I breast fed a long time. (as I usually get lectures about it after I say she's that old). And the doctor said, no no that's good! What a relief. But, this came on all the sudden. I haven't pumped in a month! And I was not feeling full or even like there was milk or anything. So I really don't know how this happened. But, I have been in a lot of pain and very tired I hope it passes soon. Today it is worse, I'm hoping by tomorrow it will be better though. Today things are bright red and swollen though and yesterday it was just painful no redness or swelling. A lot of puss has been oozing out though both days. About a ounce last night. Today not as much.

Today I took Lela to the library for the first time. Well I've taken her before but not for her. Usually for me. Today I took her just for her, in the children's section. She liked it a lot and we picked out two books for her to bring home. So we had a pretty good day. The children's librarian was quite nice, and it was very refreshing. We checked out The Elephant Quilt, Stitch by Stitch to California. Which seems to be a very cute fictional book about a young girls wagon trip on the Santa Fe Trail, meanwhile her grandmother and her stitch a quilt together on the way there. And also a Dr. Seuss type book, called But Not Hippopotamus. Lela picked that out her self. And it's pretty cute!

The library has been updated so much since last time I went. EVERY thing is now all technical. There is now self check outs. You have a pad you put your card on, then you pile your books on the pad. Then you push a button and a receipt prints that tells you what books you checked out and when you return them. WOW. What a time to live in. I have to admit I kind of miss the card that the librarian would stamp with a date! But, it was something new to learn.

I also ordered two MaryJane books to be sent, so I can read them. Now all they will do is email me when they arrive at the Library then I can go and pick them up. Neat! :)


Debbie from PLF said...

Heather I hope you feel better soon. Maybe there was still some milk way in the ducts.
Are you using a heating pad on your breasts? Heat will help a lot with healing and be soothing.

Debbie said...

I hope you're starting to feel better. {{{hugs}}}}