May 11, 2003

Went to Wal-mart, Costco, and Pathmart last night. I still forgot a bathroom scale! lol I hope Vince remembers to stop by Walgreens and get one on his way home from work tonight.

I got a lot of foods I was needing though. And a food scale. A really nice one. But, now I am wondering if I should have went with the smaller one, since it would have been easier to wash. I may get the smaller one next time I am there any way. It was only 4 dollars. The nice one I got was 24. But, will be good for big things too. And I think it will be more accurate. I also got........ Blast off the pounds by Richard Simmons. Had 3 videos in it. I wanted to try the Latin Blast Off. lol I think I will just do one song a day for a while. The first one! lol It came with weights that you freeze too so that you are cooler in the summer. That's about it so far though. :) I like to weigh in a lot though when I m changing my life style so not having a bathroom scale is killing me. lol Hopefully will have one tonight.

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