May 2, 2003

I finally got to take a bath today! It was feeling funky not being able to for two days with all that stuff in the bath tub from them putting in the new window. Didn't get to go grocery shopping. GRR.

But, I made some CDs for my parents of OTR. Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Flash Gordon, Six Shooter, All Star Western Theater, and a few others. I'm getting quite the collection now. :) Already sent them Dragnet. My mom says she will be glad to get some other stuff to listen to. Vince and Eldon (my step fathers) addiction to Jeff Foxworthy is getting on our nerves. Listening to their cds the first 100 times is ok. Then it just gets boring for us. lol haha And Vince and Eldon still want to listen to it over and over. lol haha

Well, this is a picture of the apartment building catty corner from my apartment. It's all ONE building. But, I couldn't get it all in one photo. I'm sure I will never be able to get it all in one. Cause there is a mall on the other side of us, and houses etc. So I can't get far enough back to get it all in. But, I think you can get a idea. There is 20 of these, plus a community center, HIP Center-all the doctors you would ever need to see-eye, ob, Pediatrician, family Dr, etc., a office and 2 malls. That is all part of our co-op. (what we own part of) Like I've said before it's the second largest co-op in the world.

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