May 18, 2003

Friday I went to the foot doctor I seen in the ER. He was very nice. He said it is healing good and to just keep taking the antibiotics. I am going to go to him permanently. He takes my insurance. And said I could start seeing him. He is really nice. I meant to ask him though how he went from being a cop to a foot doctor. lol He likes to tell me his stories about his life. Which I like a personal doctor. I figure he will listen to me about real problems (foot wise) since he listens about the small stuff too. Vince and I both like him a lot. Plus he has a parking GARAGE! So rare in NYC. Usually for all my doctors we have to park at least 2 blocks, if not 10 blocks away on the street. And in the really cold winter time it can be bad. Last winter it was so cold and I had to walk about 20 blocks to the car, I literally couldn't hardly move when we got there, and got wind burn on my face. He also has a very modern office, which is also rare here. The office I go to now, is like I am at a free clinic or worse! It hasn't been redone I would say since the 70's at least. And has wall paper hanging off the wall half torn, and every thing needs paint, and all the chairs have holes in them and are worn out and stained up. It's really rather disgusting. And scared me the first time I went. Cause I was always used to my welfare doctors offices, that were modern, and had fish tanks, and tvs, lighting, etc. lol So I am excited I will be going to a office I am more accustomed to. And with parking, and a nice doctor to boot.

Let's see I will be working on adding more recipes too. :) That's about it so far though. Been staying in bed a lot. Kind of tired.

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