May 7, 2003

Didn't get to check in yesterday, was busy. Then had security at the Kingdom Hall again. I took a Dragnet CD and now Vince likes listening to OTR too. lol Made the hours go by much faster. They got the black top in the drive way put in, so we can't drive on it till Saturday. It was kind of scary sitting on the street instead of inside the gates like usual. And wouldn't you know it. This was the one night people decided to come and look. Families from other congregations we didn't know. And it was kind of scary trying to figure out if they were witnesses or what. lol Cause in NYC a lot of people dress up not just witnesses. But, they were nice, and we figured out they were witnesses from other congregations. Then Vince's friend Uche relieved us. So we got to talk to him a little. He wanted to know if we were going white water rafting with him and some others. But, I don't think we will this year. He is nice to always invite us.

Went to the doctor today. Then we went to a Chinese buffet. I forgot my camera again! lol

But, today's pic is of our place cards for our wedding. I found them when cleaning out the closet the other day.

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