October 16, 2002

Went to Costco today. Got some food and car mats. I was kind of surprised to see that carpet mats versus really heavy duty rubber mats cost the same amount. I was like the rubber heavy duty ones will last for years, where the carpet ones last 1 to 2 years tops. Carpet ones look a bit nicer at first but by the time the are stained and ruined by mud, spills, water, etc don't look as good as the rubber ones we can hose down.

Also we got AOL 8.0 today. It's really nice. Almost like AOL is with power tools. Also now they even provide a buzz me type service so you know when a call is coming in and can send the person a message or accept the call, it will come up on the first ring with caller ID in a message. I liked changing my IM wall paper and background for AOL. And I had to change my smilies to teddy bear smilies, I may have to change them to monkeys though since my IM wall paper is leopard skin. lol :)

I love this chilly weather. Keep it on. I can't wait till I'm chilly enough to have another cup of cocoa. :)

Will have to use the new mug family brought us back from their last vacation. :)

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