October 7, 2002

I got another star on my calendar today, made another meeting. It was good of course, like all meetings. I felt sorry for the sisters giving the talks on the Jews being God's chosen people. I know those had to be hard. I also got the new video Respect Jehovah's Authority. So I can't wait to watch it. :) I probably will watch it tomorrow.

Oh before meeting I melted a pair of Vince's suit pants with the iron! I don't know what happened, I had ironed the legs just fine, I went to do the waist and as soon as the iron touched it, it just disintegrated! Now we have to buy a new iron, and I don't know what to do about his suits, he barely had any to begin with. I am thinking something must of been on the pants there though, maybe salad dressing or something, I don't know. But, it was weird, and upsetting.

But, it's finally getting cooler here. YEA! Last night was a bit chilly even, and so is tonight.

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