October 14, 2002

Sunday morning from 4-8 am Vince and I did security at the Kingdom Hall. It went fine. Then we picked up Vince's mom and went to breakfast at IHOP, I ventured from my usual steak omlette and got the chicken fried steak, eggs, and pancakes, and a large milk of course. Then we made our day in New Jersey at a outlet mall. Had a great day. Got our favorite garlic oil, and shoes. Shopped all day long. Then we came back to NYC, and went to TGIF, and I had the meat loaf stack as usual, but I had the cream of broccoli, or should I say cream of parsley soup. I ordered cream of broccoli soup, but it had no broccoli in it, only flat parsley. It was ok....... but left a lot to be desired for instance Broccoli, I don't know why, but I was for some reason expecting broccoli in the cream of "broccoli" soup. How silly of me. lol When we finally arrived home almost 24 hours after we first left home at 11 pm last night, after I took my bath and got in bed, I was sound asleep. lol It was a lovely day. I woke up with a soar throat though. grrrr hope it goes away.

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