October 23, 2002

I've been working on my mom's blog. It's not completely done but it's up at lyricallilac.blogspot.com

Still doing my milesource. lol Sometimes I lose interest in it. I hope I don't though, need those free hotel nights, I keep telling myself. lol :)

Still a bit under the weather too. :(

Watched The Amazing Race tonight, I think I'm rooting for the bald eagles-The balding brothers. lol :) Very interesting race. I think the lawyers were a bit dumb though. But, I've thought that since the first episode. I made my popcorn to early though for it. For some reason I keep thinking it comes on at 8, but it doesn't come on till 9. lol So I had to eat my popcorn watching My wife & kids, and George Lopez. lol Finally a Mexican sit com. The first one actually ever, since I Love Lucy, but I can't say that was truly a Mexican sit com. He was supposed to be from Cuba, and it mainly revolved around Lucy. There's another kind of Mexican sit com on the WB. Something about Arizona. It's pretty funny too. I watch it after Reba, on Fridays.

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