October 26, 2002

Ok, I've been bad and not posting for a few days.

I can say I was very happy when Rob was voted off Survivor. What a maroon.

We went to Wal-mart yesterday, really low on money so no clothes! awe well. lol :) Got a ton of food though. And a surger.

Yesterday, I was frying frozen shrimp, and the oil had gotten heated up in the deep fryer and every thing. And sizzled when I put in the shrimp. THEN, when it was time to take them out. I noticed it wasn't even warm when I opened the lid. And the garlic toast in the toaster oven wasn't toasted either! So I tried and tried, but figured out the surger had died. The deep fat fryers cord was too short to reach the outlet. So I had to plug the toaster oven into the the outlet, finish the toast and then finish the shrimp in the toaster oven. By, the time I was all done I wasn't even hungry any more. :( *sigh* what a day!

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