March 26, 2002

Yesterday and last night, I made 245 rose mints. Today I am going to make leaf mints. I made the dough up now I need to add coloring and flavoring, and mold them.

I called Charlene today, she was sick. She gave me Zanie Elmore's phone number I called her and she was doing ok. I got Mildred Brazil's phone number from her and called her. She was sad about her husband John's death but very glad to hear from me. We talked for along time about how good her husband and her were to me as a child. And how they were like my grandparents.

John always singled children out to talk to them, and joke around with them. It always made me feel good. Others ignored kids. She said John thought a lot of me too. That was good to hear. I remember one time when John told me he loved me. And he said he had never said that to any one but his wife, and hoped I didn't take it the wrong way. I knew he loved me only like a grand daughter, so I told him I loved him too, like my grandpa.

Then I talked to my mom. She said Casey went to the pediatrician today and he wasn't very nice. Then they got tacos and burritos and went to Watson park, a duck came right up to hunter and was quacking in his face. And Hunter started jabbering at the duck. They were having a conversation. The duck was trying to peck at his fingers and he moved them fast and yelled at the duck.

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