March 4, 2002

I just finished watching a great new drama, from PBS, American Family. It's about a Mexican-American family. The first Latino Drama on American TV. I really like it. The one I watched today was recorded on Weds. It's been the best show so far.

Also on Thursday I picked up Victoria Magazine. My favorite secular magazine. I have been wanting a subscription for a long time. But, the price is always too high. Finally it had a card in it to get a 2 year sub for only a dollar a issue. So I am going to get my sub back!

I aslo noticed in this mag that they have a website now. Has some excellent recipes. I am going to make the Pig and Pepper Wrap for one of the days at our convention. It's spinach tortillas, spread with cream cheese and chives then a layer of black forest ham, and a layer of cheese, rolled up. I think I will freeze them and let them unthaw during the day till lunch in the cooler. That way there is less of a chance of food poisoning if they can be kept colder while frozen till lunch. I just hope they will unthaw enough in the cooler before lunch. I think we will have to experiment with them first and see.

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