March 17, 2002

I didn't get much done today or yesterday.

Yesterday I had a horrible head ache so didn't do much. I literally could not really move, not even to get out of bed. When Vince got home he brought me a drink and some Tylenol. Finally after a little while I was feeling well enough to move and get around the apt a little. I thanked him so much for it. He said that was a husbands job. Then I could take a bath and put lotion and powder on, and nice clean PJs, I felt so much better. I just can't wait till I can find where my perfume was packed away. I would also like to have nail polish, I would feel a lot better if I could paint my nails and put on perfume.

Today has just been a lazy day.

I have only gotten two more boxes cut out, for a grand total of 27 boxes. I have to really get to work on those.

It's been real hard to find the rubber mint molds I need to make the mints. I think I will have to find a place in Wichita to send me some.

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