March 31, 2002

On Weds, I called Scott Mitchel and got Jeri Falcon and Perry's phone numbers. Tracy Fugit-Brandon had given me a lot of addresses and phone numbers as well!

On Thursday I called Perry Proctor and got his address.

I went to the Memorial Thursday, March 28th. It was good. We went to the Tomasina Banquet Hall for our Memorial. We sat next to Vince's parents, Vincent and Kathy. I took a picture of the table with the bread and wine. Then I took a picture of Vincent Sr and Kathy, then I had them take a picture of Vince Jr and I. We talked a lot to Gerry, Tamika and Colleen. Then we went to Outback by ourselves. Vincent Sr and Kathy went to the diner and went home. Kathy's back was still hurting her too much. And no one else wanted to go to Outback, they went to Red Lobster. But, Vince and I just love Outbacks Lobster. So we had three tails each, I had a sweet potato and Coconut Bay shrimp with mine. Vince had cream of onion soup and a baked potato with his.

Then we came home and watched Survivor and The Amazing Race. We love Tivo! We thought that voting out Gabriel was rotten. And we felt sorry for the twins on the Amazing Race.

I've been making mint flavored leaves for days. I have hundreds made.

I went to Wal-mart on Friday and bought butter flavoring from Wilton's and used that to add to the mint flavored dough and it makes it taste like butter mints. It was really good.

I also bought a new perfume that I really like called Cherry Vanilla and surprisingly it smells remarkably like Tuscany by Este Lauder. So I was happy to find a affordable likeness of it, so I can now wear it daily.

I also found a GREAT find, in finding egg carriers for deviled eggs. So I hope they still have some left in a couple of weeks so I can get three more. I got three on Friday, but I want three more. Three for me and three for my mom. They are wonderful when you are going to a get together or picnic to carry the eggs in. And people like them so much you need a lot of deviled eggs. This way you can keep them in the cooler and bring them out one carrier at a time. And they are rare, we rarely find them, and my mom and I just love to use them. I also seen a relish tray I really want to get.

And we bought a trash can to put the soda bottles in the broom closet till we take them to the recycle place. I have a ton of stuff we still need to get though. But I know we will eventually have the place looking presentable. I am just hoping it's by Vince's parents anniversary so we can have a small dinner for them here. We will have a large party for them on their 25th anniversary.

I also called Mildred Vogt and she gave me her address. Then yesterday on Sat. I called Sister Vogt again and she gave me several addresses, including Lajonna and Edward Andrews. And Carla Bennet. And she is going to send me all of Central and Hyde Parks publishers addresses and phone numbers. I called Mike Schroeder and got Allan and Millie Hayworth's phone number. I also got a hold of Jeri Falcon and talked to her for quite sometime.

Raquel has also been helping me get a lot of addresses. Thank goodness for her phone book. :)

I also found out on Thursday that Hyde Park is taken on May 25, till 4:30. So we can't have it till 5 and that was disappointing but every one says 5 is fine. So we are going ahead and going with it. So we can watch the kids playing outside with out people being out there. It's the only one where we can watch the kids play outside and not be outside too.

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