March 25, 2002

Friday March 22, 2002 We went to Wal-mart and bought a four pack of Wilton's flavoring, Cinnamon, peppermint, cream de mint, & cherry and a four pack of Wilton's paste coloring, peach, juniper green, rose petal pink, and cornflower blue for the mints. Then we went to Pathmark, and I bought a 2 pound bag of powdered sugar, a 5 pound bag of granulated sugar(first time I have bought sugar since I moved to NY), and 2 philly cream cheese 8 0z bars, they were on sale for 99 cents each, really cheap for philly!

Then late that night, I made 81 cherry flavored pink roses. They were GREAT! So I decided to call the place I had bought the molds from and bought several more, a wedding bell, slippers, baby booties, and calla lillies, and I ordered a book on candy making, and Butter Rum flavoring. I am going to experiment making white wedding bells for the party, that are butter rum flavored. Today we went to Costco and bought a ton of powdered sugar and more cream cheese so I can make tons now. Oh I did forget to get wax paper though, but we had bought some cape cod potato chips for Vince's mom that she wanted so she gave me a new thing of wax paper she had, so that was a good trade. lol The molds and butter rum flavoring should come tomorrow. So the plan is to make, 200 cherry flavored pink roses, 200 butter rum flavored off white wedding bells, and 200 mint green mint flavored leaves.

Saturday late at night, some one hacked our account kicked me off line and changed all our passwords. Vince had to call aol, and run a anti virus program on the PC to see what happened, seems a AOL file was infected, when he came home Sunday morning. I went ahead and got on our other account though and talked to Chari.

I asked her if she comes up to Wichita while we are there, on May 24th, we could go out to dinner on the Chilsom Trail with them, and then they could come to my parents anniversary party on the 25th. She said she would talk to Ed about it, and see if they can do that, she would like to.

Yesterday, I showed Vince's mom the nut cups and she is going to help cut more of them out and put them together, she thought they were lovely, and couldn't belive I did them on the pc. Then I just have the invitations, thank you boxes and thank you cards left. Then hopefully we can get the napkins ordered and every thing else together really quickly. It seems to be coming along nicely. Now, if I only knew exactly what I am going to do for center pieces.

She also really liked the cherry flavored mints, I made, and so did Oveela (Vince's grandmother).

Yesterday, Vince, his father and I went up to Brooklyn and worked on our old apt. Then we went to Vince's parents house and stayed and chit chatted with his mother a little. She said she is feeling a little better but her back still hurts a lot. Then we ended up eating at Mc D's. When I got home and finished dinner my mom called, to say they were back from the cabin. She was pretty sick though so we didn't talk long. Then later I called Julie Hutcherson for a little while. Told her about the mints, nut cups, etc.

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