March 15, 2002

I got started on the nut cups today! YEA! I got 100 printed out and only 10 cut out. Vince's mom is home sick, so I will have Vince take her some to cut out too! lol I also thought we would do a assembly line when it's time to fill them. I have changed my mind on the foil. I am going to use plastic clear bags, put 2 to 3 scoops of the nut/candy mix in the bag, while Vince is holding the bag open for me, so I don't get grease on the outside of the bag. Then he will give the bag to his mom, she will tie a ribbon on it. Then she can hand it to her sister in law, and she can curl the ribbon, then she can hand it to her daughter and she can put it in the nut cup box, and close the box! phew! It should be fast and easy that way, I hope! :)

I will start on the Thank you Boxes tomorrow. I have to design them still. Then I have the invitations to do! And figure out some more decorations. :) Then I also have to figure out how we will be doing the mints. This is going to be so nice and fun.

BTW, we have to get every thing out of Vince's grandparents house by the end of the week. I hope we can do that. I would really hate to have my stuff thrown out.

I am feeling better today. I've been taking my vitamin B12 sub-lingual. LOL :)

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