March 22, 2002

I guess I have a lot to catch up on.

Weds March 20, 2002 was Vince and I's first anniversary. It was good.

Except we went to Target to get our pics taken and we had forgot to put on our rings. So on Monday we will go to Sears and have our pics taken.

Vince's parents took us out to eat to City Island, in the Bronx, to a little place called the Lobster Box, it was pretty expensive. And they also bought us a pineapple anniversary cake from Hillside Bakery in Queens.

My mom and Eldon sent us a vibrator for underneath the bed. Vince loves it. And also pics of the kids.

Yesterday we were going to get our pics taken but with Vince's mom hurt back she needed to go to the dr. So Vince took her to the dr. And then he came and got me and we went to a Chinese place for dinner.

Oh also on Weds the mint molds came! So tonight when we go shopping I will buy the stuff to get started on them! I can't wait! So it only took from Monday to Weds for them to come! That was pretty fast.

I have been thinking about going into the mint making business. Or at the very least I can make them for gifts of my family and friends weddings and parties.

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