March 21, 2012

Wednesday Sewing. . .

Julie and I decided we would start sewing together on Wednesdays. So today was the first Wednesday, neither of us got much done, but we had a good time. We talked. She worked on a muslin, I worked on my skirt. I was able to finish my skirt, with Lela's help. She held down the reverse button when I needed while I sewed down the elastic, since I did it on the seams it was extra bulky and I needed both my hands to keep the fabric in place and feed it through, so Lela had to use both her hands but was able to keep the reverse button down for me when I needed her to and she had fun, and really really helped me too. Then I was able to cut out a slip, finally! I noticed the tricot wasn't as nice as what I bought last year I am going to go ahead and make this one, but I think I will buy better tricot and make another one too. Next I want to cut out a tee shirt. Otherwise, I really really love the skirt, and for sure will make several more! I made one in yellow gauze last summer it was a little on the long side. This time I pinched out a inch in two of the panels (so took it up 2 inches) to see what that would do. And that made it absolutely the perfect length. So I'm really really happy with it! I am washing another piece of fabric right now to shrink it up and get it all ready and can't wait to cut it out and get started on another one of these skirts. Thankfully they sew up quick!

Julie brought tuna salad and cookies, and little Sarah. Sarah and Lela was due only days apart, but since I was induced early Lela is 2 weeks older. haha They had a lot of fun playing though, and playing and playing and playing! We decided since it was spring break she could come back on Friday again.

I was able to get a little more laundry done too. Woo whoo. I have a big box I'm working on. And it's almost done.

I've gained a lot of weight and really really want to work on it. I'm hoping to get it under control very soon. *sigh*

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