March 18, 2012

Stickem' Up. . .

Friday afternoon I got a phone call from my mom. She was wondering if I had been watching tv, and heard anything about a bank robbery. I had not. So she proceeded to tell me, that she had sent Eldon, and the kids out to eat breakfast at Don's while she stayed home. Then hours later they called her and said they couldn't get through to come home cause the police had their whole neighborhood shut down till they could find the bank robber that was on the lose in the neighborhood. After a while she got hungry and my mom being handicap was stuck with out being able to get herself any food or anything. So she called me to ask if I wanted to go out to eat once the police would let her free from her house! haha I said yes, and we made plans to go to Olive Garden cause she wanted soup. And well they just have delicious soup. A few hours later the police found the man in a house down the street from her on her same block. Thank goodness they had seen him from a helicopter go into a specific home. A teen boy had been home, heard all the commotion of the police chase came outside to look and while he was looking the thief snuck into his house with out him knowing, thankfully though the police seen it and stopped the boy from going back inside. Meanwhile they say the thief made a mess of the house, and took the adults clothes and shoes and redressed himself. Well, I'm glad they finally got him, and we were able to head on over to Olive Garden and have a wonderful dinner. So cheap to eat there, especially since Lela gets soup with the children't meal, and after she eats the soup she is full so brings home her children's meal for two more meals. That's cheaper then a happy meal, which she can eat two of! haha

Yesterday was busy busy. Started out slow, and had a nice bath, and yummy breakfast of pancakes and eggs. Then decided I wanted to go shopping. So ended up going to Grandma's Cupboard, looking for a Michael Miller Fabric, that they didn't have. However, they did have another cute fabric on sale, that I didn't end up coming home with cause of my search of the Michael Miller fabric. But, now thinking about it, I think I want the one at Grandma's, so I will try to get over there before the sale is over, wish I had wrote down the name of the designer and the name of the fabric so I could just buy it over the phone and pick it up later! I'm not as familiar with the gals over there as I am with Anne at Needle Nook. Which became my next stop. I bought elastic for 6 skirts-yes high hopes here! Fabric that I really liked and had made a turtle neck with from a ELD pattern, but decided I liked the fabric so much and it isn't very expensive, only 3.20 a yard with my 20 percent off gift certificates I use, and I'm going to make a v neck t-shirt using the pattern from the T-shirt class I took from Anne last year. I just love how that shirt fits. I need to get back over there when I have more time to mill around. But, Vince wanted to do other things, and I got there at closing so I will go back later and look for some fabrics for shirts I need.

Then we went over and got free french fries from Burger King which made the girls extra happy. haha Then Vince was hungry so we went to a Chinese buffet and ate lunch/dinner. haha After that I checked out Hobby Lobby for the Michael Miller fabric I am in search of, but they didn't have it either. However, they did have a very close one to what I was looking for, and if I don't find the one I am looking for I may go ahead and just go with it. I wanted to check Hancock's next but alas didn't make it in time and they were closed! I did however run into my mom while at Hobby Lobby and got to see and talk to her a few minutes. Then we headed on out to get some groceries but foiled again, didn't make it to the grocery store in time before they closed. Man I have to leave earlier, I was late to every thing! haha

So I came home and made spaghetti sauce, but I was short some tomato sauce, that I had planned on getting at the grocery store. So had to borrow from dad. Made the sauce all up, put it in the crock liner in the fridge and yeah lunch ready for today!

This morning again was a lovely talk, but boy was that opening Watchtower study song hard! The study was such a good one though. And then yes the closing song was one that is easy for me and wouldn't you know it Belle had to act up on that one so I didn't get to sing much of it. haha

Went to the store on the way home for the onion powder I needed and other stuff I hadn't been able to get yesterday and came home to yummy spaghetti all ready for us. So we invited Ben to come down and eat with us, and we had a nice family meal together.

After all that I was able to get started on a skirt, I have been planning since July last year! haha So happy, I finished cutting it out and almost have it finished! All I need to do is hem the bottom and add elastic to the top and done. It's a really pretty quilting cotton Florinda skirt. I love it. And can't wait to wear it next week. Next on my list is to get a slip done, and well many many more things need to get done too. I was also able to work on laundry today, woo whoo!

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