October 19, 2011

Every one's home safe and sound. . .

Vince's parents made it home safe and sound Monday afternoon. Saturday their last day with us, they helped build the girls bunk beds so now we can hopefully get Belle to start sleeping in the bottom bunk soon! And then we went to Yoder and ate at Carriage Crossing. I went to the gift shop and meat store across the street and bought some Amish hullless popcorn I have been very anxious to try it. Tomorrow I'm going to the store and getting some butter first though. haha I've tried other brands and they didn't taste very good, but I have been hoping the Amish one tastes better as I hate the hulls stuck in my teeth, gums and roof of my mouth. Then we went to dinner. They loved the food! Especially the mashed potatoes and gravy. Mmm it was so good. Vince's mom kept saying it tasted like home made, and she really really liked it. We hadn't been there in so long that Vince said when we left he forgot how much he liked the food there. On the way out, Vince's mom bought Lela and Belle a pie making toy from Melissa and Doug. They played with it as soon as we got home. They love that thing. Just this morning Lela brought me a piece of  "pie".

Sunday morning my mom called early and said she was going to Golden Coral for breakfast, so we decided to meet her there. They added a chocolate fountain. Oh my! It was soooooo good, now I want to go just for the chocolate dipped strawberries alone! haha.

Vince has been working nights this week. So tonight is his last night to work, he gets a four day weekend now. I am so glad....that means I may be able to get a little more sleep with him home for four days! I hope at least.

Thankfully I've been feeling a lot better, and been able to get the house cleaned up here and there much better then it had gotten. Hopefully in a few weeks it will look how I would like it to! Rather then the disaster it got into.

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