October 6, 2011

Oh Boy! He's Arrived!

One week ago I had my little man, Raphael. He came in at 7lbs 3oz. Doctor Jensen barely made it to his arrival. I went in on Thursday, the 29th of September for inducement. We went to Panera bread first to have dinner, then headed over to Wesley Hospital, where they were waiting for us. My veins didn't cooperate to much with getting a IV started, but after that we were able to continue. I got a folly put in at about 1 am, and by 4 am it fell out and I was 5cms dilated. At 6am they started me on pritocin. By 10 am my water broke and about 20 minutes later little RJ was here! They called the doctor when I said he was coming, and doctor Jensen ran across the street but barely made it. They called him back to tell him to forget it that he would be here, Dr. Jensen said he was on the floor just tell him what room to go to! lol He made it, but barely. RJ came out perfectly! He had one bout of low blood sugar, I tried to nurse him through it but he wouldn't latch. So they cup fed him. I was so happy they didn't put a bottle on him, and they asked me first as well. The nurse took a lot of time and care into cup feeding him and also taught a student nurse how to do it. After that he has been nursing like a champ. However, he was tongue tied so I had to use a shield, thankfully I had packed one with me. I was really impressed by the hospital. It was so nice, had a Jacuzzi tub, private big birthing room, they let me walk around, get in the tub, or even a birthing ball anything I wanted to do. Although I really didn't want to do anything but walk a little bit. But, it was nice to know I had the freedom to any how. Both my nurses were also so supportive about all natural birth. Both had done all natural them selves with all their births and encouraged me. Such a difference, between in NYC them telling me every one says that but no one does!

The doctor said I was so calm and relaxed they should of video taped the birth for a infomercial on natural child birth and how calm it can be. haha Later we heard another woman screaming, and the student nurse asked if that was a baby, and the RN said no, that's a woman in labor, that's what most women sound like in labor. Not like Mrs. Woodford, who just calmly said, this really burns. Most are screaming just like that. The poor student nurse looked scared. lol I must say though he was so much larger then Belle or Lela it was a little painful, I didn't have any pain at all with Lela. However, I guess I wasn't in the same kind of pain most women seem to go through, thankfully. The birth it self still wasn't really painful it was the episiotomy that was the painful/burning part. I guess the swiftness that my babies come at causes that. I'm just thankful we have a healthy baby boy and every thing went so very well.

Two hours after his birth I was put on the maternity ward, and for the first time I was able to room with my baby. Both Lela and Belle had to be in NICU. It was so nice to have little RJ with me the whole time. He ate and ate and ate. They only kept me 24 hours, but said I could stay longer, but I was ready to come home, so did.

He went to see his pediatrician Dr. Raman Choprah today, and had his tongue clipped. Hallelujah! I am so happy the ped could do that for me today. So now maybe he won't have to keep using a shield or at the very least maybe he can nurse faster then 2 hours. haha Poor little guy. He cried a little and looked sad, but other then that did well for his procedure. He's sound asleep now. He also has gained a ounce, so that's great considering he's only a week old. We're for sure in love with him. He's very sweet, relaxed, and just a good little baby.

At the hospital they asked me who I wanted for a pediatrician and I said I wanted Chopra but hadn't been able to contact him yet. The nurse putting in the data looked worried, but the other nurse said, type it in, he won't care, he will come, if we call! And he did. He's been a wonderful doctor. I love him. He came right away when RJ was born, he looked him over and asked if I wanted to have him circumcised. When I said no, he stuck his thumb up and gave a wink and said good going. And he's just been so easy going and doesn't pressure us with anything. I am really really liking him. Glad I asked around for a pediatrician, cause I'm very happy with him.


Midcentury Delights said...

7 lbs!! Wow Heather, that's a big baby for you! He's sooooo cute!

nanasknoll said...

So excited for you and glad it all went well. Prayed for you and was glad to hear how it all came out.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks Gals. We feel very blessed and love him so much.