October 20, 2011

Second Pediatric Appointment. . .

Raphael had his second pediatrician visit today. He's gained some weight, he's now 7 lbs 13 oz. He's doing well. Doctor said to also have him do tummy time for 30 minutes 4 times a day, seems really young for such, plus he doesn't really like laying down by himself but we're trying.

It was still early after his appointment so we joined my mom and Eldon at Kimmy's. It was a greasy spoon for sure. Full of smoke, grease, and the older generation along with several police officers. The food was good and cheap, and reminded me of my childhood, just the kind of place my grandparents liked to go. But, it really wasn't as clean as I like places to be........so I don't think we will be going back. I'll stick with Braum's I think. Or Panera bread, I never have gotten there in time for breakfast but always want to! UHG!

Vince gets tomorrow off, so I think we'll have a big breakfast at home. I'm thinking some kind of egg casserole, sausage gravy, pancakes or biscuits, but with being so tired that will probably turn into what would be easier which is whole wheat toast! lol But, the eggs and gravy is still easy enough to do. However, man Target is selling all kinds of pancake mixes I would LOVE to try! Like the cinnamon roll ones, that come with cream cheese icing, and the red velvet cake pancake mix! mmmm love both of those so I can imagine them in pancake form would be fabulous.

LLL is offering some cookbooks for a special price and coming out with a new one. I have a ton of cookbooks but I like the idea of them being whole foods, and fast and easy. For sure something I need! So I may get them, I just wish I could try a few of the recipes first to see if they are something we would like. But, I would still like to support our local group so may get them any way.

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