October 8, 2011

In laws arrived . . .

Vince's parents came into town yesterday. We met them at Olive Garden for dinner, and Lela was so excited to see them. Later today, after I got caught up on some rest, we went to their hotel to visit them. Poor Belle started getting ill though. She threw up before we left home but I thought that was just a one time thing. Once we got to the hotel though she was very clingy and feverish. Poor babe, I think she has a lot of teeth coming in again. She always gets four or more at a time, and really puts her out of commission. Poor baby. So we stayed in at the hotel and had Vince and Kathy go out and bring us food back. Lela and I had Braum's and every one else had Panda Express. Then we had Braum's homestyle strawberry ice cream for dessert. mmmm I still think it's the best flavor yet! Vince's parents bought a lot of little outfits and bibs for little RJ, much needed I might add.  So that will be nice. Sister Adam's also sent a card with them of congratulations on the arrival of RJ. She's always so sweet.

We had planned on going to the zoo today but it rained all day. And with Belle not feeling well probably best we didn't any how. Maybe later this week. I for sure though want to make it to the pumpkin patch while they are here. Cause I know Lela will have so much fun on the slides, giant swings, the bouncy thing, and the cars. And Belle loves the corn crib. So hopefully it will dry out enough to go there this week. Sadly it's also the Renascence Fair this weekend and the County Fair, but with this rain I doubt we will go to either. UHG, I love going to both!

For me the epesitomy is finally started to not hurt so badly. So things are getting better. RJ also seems to be doing well with his tongue clipping. He doesn't seem to be bothered by it any longer. I am hoping it isn't hurting him. Poor baby. But, I know it was best to get it fixed sooner then later. I didn't have mine clipped till I was 8 and it's still a mess from waiting so long.

We also received the photos taken at the hospital yesterday. I was so anxious to get them. They are so very very cute! I can't wait to take them to a kiosk and print a bunch off. We ended up buying the CD with all the copy rights to print as many as we want. Seemed like the best and cheapest option. Cause they were all so cute couldn't narrow down just a few. I am going to see if I can make some birth announcements for free from Shutterfly too. I am hoping so, cause these photos will make extra extra cute birth announcements. The girl did the best job I have ever seen, let alone for hospital photos. I am hoping we can hire her some time to do family photos too.


Midcentury Delights said...

Poor little Belle! That is a sweet photo of Vince and RJ. To me he looks like his Daddy.

MagnoliaWhisper said...

Thanks, that's what my mom said too. ;o)