October 22, 2011

Fall Craft Party. . .

The girls had a great day today. The sisters in our congregation organized a arts and crafts party at a local recreation center. They had a ton of fun. The made flower pot creations, butterflies, caterpillars, memory boards, boxes, alligator things, trucks, sun catchers, puppets, tons and tons and tons of things. Lela didn't want it to end!

The invite didn't say to bring snacks, but glad I did. As at the end a lot of people had brought snacks and snacks were served. I made no bake peanut butter cookies, and muddy buddies. Every one really loved the cookies, but I came home with a lot of muddy buddies cause another sister had brought them too! lol haha Vince said I should of brought deviled eggs, and yup I should of as there was only a few savory snacks, but I just didn't think of it. Oh well, maybe the next gathering I will bring them. I hadn't made the no bake peanut butter cookies in decades though, and forgot how EASY they were to make. I will for sure make them more often they are soooooo easy. Plus almost all the ingredients are CHEAP! And with exception of the sugar, they are healthy too! I think I may play around with the recipe and see just how low I can get the sugar in them and still come out with a good outcome.

Lela keeps wanting to know when the next "party" is. I guess I better find out how much it cost to rent that recreation center, and try to help organize something else soon! lol Or clean my own house and invite some kids over. lol hmmm, I think I would rather rent! haha

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