September 17, 2009

We did our bimonthly shopping. Went to Deer Park outlet, I had a 5 dollar gift certificate for visiting the Branson outlet, Vince had a 5 dollar gift certificate for visiting Branson, and he had a 10 dollar one for his yearly anniversary complimentary gift certificate. We went to buy a popcorn popper from Le Gourmet Chef, between all the gift certificates, and the 20% off coupon that came with our outlet membership, needless to say it was free, plus we had money left on one of the gift certificates!

A good/bad thing-my favorite children's dress apparel shop has went down in prices, by at least half, and most of it only a 1/3 of the price new used to be. But, also in my opinion this years clothes just don't look as good of quality as before, even though they say it's the same. I don't know. There was no thick clothing this year for fall, all very light weight materials. Last year, I got Lela a nice thick chocolate velvet dress, with a heavy color (the weight of the fabric went with the weight of the velvet), and a nice heavy thick corduroy dress with a ton of embroidery on it. This year it was all thin cotton stuff. Some very cute, some a little on the skimpy side of quality I think, I am not sure yet. I'll have to go back a few more times, and look things over some more.

And on some HUGE news! Lela ate ketchup on her french fries today at Red Lobster. She has dipped her fries many times in ketchup but never eats it, she always makes Vince or I. She's not into mixing foods. Well she finally tried it, and liked it! And continued to eat them like that the rest of the meal! It's something small, but maybe she will try a few other "mixed" foods now!

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