September 27, 2009

Vince's poor grandma had her leg amputated Wednesday. Poor thing, has been having leg pain and trouble since Vince and I got married 9 years ago. They have done many surgeries and it just got worse and worse, till the last time it got gangrene.

We went up to see her yesterday but they wouldn't let Lela go up! Grrr NYC! In Kansas they would of let her see her.

We took her a new lancet so hopefully they can start using it instead of butchering hands with those hospital lancets.

She said she is feeling so much better already. She didn't realize how sick she was, till now that she is feeling so much better.

We are sad for her loss of her leg, but very happy she is finally out of the pain she has been in all these years! She said she didn't even need pain medication yesterday. So she's very happy and feeling so much better.

We're hoping she continues to just get better each day.

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