September 20, 2009

Had a wonderful day yesterday! So many scores!

The day started off with finally a hot bath, as our building often lacks hot water. Then the cat fell in the tub with me. Funny to me, not to her!

Due to gift certificates from Mypoints, I was able to get a new outfit, and a new skirt all for less then 22 dollars.

Then I went to lunch at Ikea, and got 15 meatballs, gravy, lindenberry sauce, and fresh steamed new potatoes for 4 dollars, I was stuffed! Not too stuffed though, not to try a fresh from the oven cinnamon roll for 1.00. Only a few bites though. Photobucket

Then it was off to the garage sales, where I scored! Vintage Mirro, that I have paid 25 dollars or more for on Ebay! I got for 1.00! So happy! I also seen jewelry I personally made in high school there, along with my classmates jewelry she made. We made it for NFTE-National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship, which was based here in NYC. It was a mixture of odd and neat to see my jewelry there, I didn't buy any of it though. Didn't have the money really......but gave me a little thrill, wish I had had a camera and could of taken pictures though.

Then on the way home, I seen a great curb find! A play kitchen for Lela! FREE SCORE! hahaha So now Lela has a kitchen! She has been wanting on so badly!

Then hurried home, made my favorite Layered Party Pea Salad, bought ingredients for my favorite party punch, which were all on sale. I have been looking high and low for lard, because I need to season my skillets again, and I have been wanting to experiment on making popcorn on top of the stove in the whirly pop with it, but haven't been able to find it any where. When I have asked store clerks they have told me they don't know what I am talking about! And never heard of it. I explained it to a young woman store clerk the other day, and she wrinkled up her nose, and said NO I have never heard of that! And we don't have it. (in a disgusted tone!) So of course when I seen it, I had to buy it! Then we headed off to a brother and sister's 44th anniversary. When I got there, I forgot I had bought the lard, and just brought all the groceries into the kitchen. Sisters started unloading my bags, because I was doing other things. And they found the lard, one yelled Heather I put the lard in the fridge, is lard used in the punch? hahaha it's not!

Any way, the punch was very well like as it was gone with in 10 minutes, and I had to send Vince to the store for stuff to make more! Needless to say it was all drank up too, and every one loved it. Thank goodness the VFW provides a bar tender, as he was able to keep making the punch, or I wouldn't of been able to keep up with the punch and have fun at the party! hahaha Had a great time at the party.

It was so cute, as it was a surprise party for the brother and sister (we barely made it in time, but we made it before them! YEAH!), and they were so shocked they went running back out the door when we yelled surprise! hahaha Then they were both crying. They were so touched. They are such a sweet and loving couple, it felt good to be part of giving them something, that we could tell and they told us meant so much to them.

Lela danced her pants off! haha And when we got to the car, she said that was a good dance. She was also ecstatic they let her bring home balloons too. It was Lela's kind of party, all her favorite things were there-dancing, cake, and balloons.

And surprise surprise, Lela likes Jamaican food, she ate a whole lot of Jamaican beef patties, I wish I had had one...but I was trying to wait in case there was other carbs I wanted there. But, there really wasn't, and by that time, all the tiny appetizer size saffron pastry wrapped beef (beef patties) was gone!

The rest of the menu consisted of salad, ox tail over rice and peas, curried goat, more rice, ham, turkey, fresh fish-I believe sea bass, green beans, cabbage, fried chicken, and stewed chicken. The stewed chicken was VERY VERY spicy. Note to self...avoid stewed chicken, unless I have gallons of water to wash it down with! Photobucket hahaha

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