July 23, 2002

We got home from the Convention at 1 am this morning. It was a really great program. I really enjoyed Sundays Youth Talk. All the releases were also really great.

We got to meet so many people. Many I wasn't even expecting to meet. Of course I had planned on meeting Sherry Powell and her family, and Shelly-Shelby. But, we also seen Chatty Kid again, and another sister from Sister Soup. And EnlightenMe. So many friends.

I didn't get my fridge, so I ended up just having to use the cooler, of course my medicine pack was all soggy and wet, but at least it didn't go bad.

We got to go to the pool twice, and Sherry and Amber her daughter joined us one night there. We also found 2 super Wal-Marts which made me pretty happy. haha

Vince's Aunt Pat (The anointed one, Uncle Gordon-the CO's wife) invited us over for dinner on Sunday night. It was so good. We had fried chicken, BBQ chicken, cabbage, home made rolls, and home made jam. We ate in the Kingdom Hall, cause their little apt behind the Kingdom Hall was too small for all of us. I was shocked she had two gardens there, a veggie garden and a flower garden. A very cute apt, in a lovely wooded area. I also got to meet, her sister who lives here in Rochdale too!

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